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Fusebox 5.5 Public Beta

October 01, 2007 ·

The ZIP files can now be downloaded from the Beta Program site. If you see me at MAX today, I also have them on a USB stick. To whet your whistle, here are the Release Notes, courtesy of Adobe Share - a cool new hosted service created by my old hosted services team at Adobe.

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MAX is huge!

September 30, 2007 ·

After spending the weekend in Toledo, OH at the annual On Safari cat show - effectively the Bengal breed national - my wife & I are now settled in at the Hyatt Regency McCormack Place for MAX. We wandered around the conference center (and admired the onAir bus!) for a while and it is absolutely enormous. Bumped into Ben Forta, Scott Fegette, Bob Regan, Shlomy Gantz, Ed Sullivan, Rob Gonda, Peter Farland (and I know I've forgotten someone - sorry!) then had a fabulous dinner at the Shor grill before a relatively early night (for us - midnight). Very much the calm before the "storm"... Registration opens at 7am, breakfast, then the General Session at 9:30am (and I think there are a lot more people present than will fit in the General Session space - be warned!). My Monday selections are fairly varied (a couple of INSPIRE sessions, if I can get in, ColdFusion / LiveCycle, Flex on Rails) but most of all I'm looking forward to the BOFs in the evening: Meet The Team (ColdFusion), ColdFusion Frameworks (chaired by Matt Woodward) - up aginst ColdFusion in the Enterprise (chaired by Brian Meloche), Design Patterns in ColdFusion Applications (not sure of the chair) - up against Promoting ColdFusion outside the CF Community (a panel chaired by Brian Meloche). Some tough choices there - and if you're into AIR, Flex or Flash the choices are even harder. Oh, and the Meet the Web Team is also in that 9:30-10:30pm slot!

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Fuseboxers at MAX?

September 18, 2007 ·

Ben Koshy asked on the Fusebox forums "who is going to MAX?" to see if folks want to meet up. Might be a good idea with Fusebox 5.5 going into Public Beta just before then. Either leave comments here or on the forums under that thread.

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August 28, 2007 ·

If you can't make MAX in Chicago, you'll get another chance to see my Design Patterns and ColdFusion INSPIRE session in Barcelona. Tuesday, October 16th, at 4pm. See you in Europe?

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I want to INSPIRE you at MAX!

August 09, 2007 ·

Now that it's up on the official speaker listing, I can say that I'm speaking at MAX 2007. I'll be giving one of the INSPIRE sessions - about Design Patterns and ColdFusion - on Tuesday, October 2nd, at 2:45pm. I'll try to cut through the hype and explain what design patterns are really about and how they can help you in your every day development tasks. Hope to see you in Chicago!

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Adobe MAX 2007 - Early Bird ends in two days!

August 08, 2007 ·

If you're thinking about attending Adobe MAX 2007, don't forget that the early bird price ends on August 10th. After that, the price goes up $200. You can register for MAX 2007 here. With Ted Patrick driving the focus to be more developer-centric, MAX should be a great conference this year!

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MAX 2007 Sessions

June 20, 2007 ·

Looks like there are nearly 30 ColdFusion sessions at MAX 2007. There are also lots of Flex and AIR sessions as well. Should be a really good conference for developers this year, based on Ted Patrick's comments about the direction of the conference.

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What I Learned At Adobe

June 15, 2007 ·

This week I had the good fortune to attend the annual Adobe Community Summit - a San Jose-based event for User Group Managers and Community Experts to learn about the "state of the union" in Adobe-land. Last year I popped into a couple of sessions as an employee and saw some sneak peaks of what ultimately became the CS3 product line. This year I attended as a Community Expert, to learn about the many recent releases.

[

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What does MAX mean to you?

June 04, 2007 ·

Jonathan Wall - Group Manager for Developer Relations at Adobe - wants you to tell him what MAX means to you! While I was at Adobe / Macromedia, I went to just two MAX events: DevCon 2002 in Orlando, FL and MAX 2005 in Anaheim, CA. In both cases, I was scheduled to speak (although my talk was pulled for DevCon 2002). In general, employees don't get to go to MAX unless they're part of the "MAX team" (speakers, community folk, infrastructure, support etc). Now I'm no longer an employee, I can go to MAX whenever I want - so the question is: do I want to? I'm going to CFUNITED on my own dime and I already went to cf.Objective() on my own dime. As a speaker at both of those events, I didn't have to pay the conference fee itself. So MAX will be comparatively expensive for me. I got a lot out of DevCon 2002 and MAX 2005 in terms of networking and, with the latter, some good sessions about Macromedia technology outside my core focus. It really will come down to budget, I suspect.

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Adobe MAX 2007 - Prices

April 22, 2007 ·

Although registration is not yet open, Adobe has posted prices for MAX 2007 on the Adobe MAX 2007 blog. I don't remember last year's prices but this years seem to be in the same ballpark. The difference this year seems to be options to attend for just a day or just two days - I don't remember that from previous years (mind you, Anaheim was the last MAX I attended and that was because I was asked to speak at the last minute, before that it was Florida). MAX is once again scheduled to overlap with On Safari, the Bengal breed national cat show, which is in Toledo, OH this year. Jay & I are thinking about coming out to Chicago, driving to Toledo for the cat show and then driving back to Chicago for MAX and hanging out with our friends in Chicago. We'll see how things pan out. The MAX early bird runs until July 23, so we have quite a while to make up our minds.

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